Canal boat trip to Camden

Sunday 13th December was the day designated for our visit to Camden Market via the Regents Park canal. It was a good thing that we had anticipated chilly weather, as it was cold when we met at Warwick Avenue Tube although a pale wintery blue sky helped the festive atmosphere. We walked quickly across to Paddington Basin where the canal boat awaited us and before long we were on our way. The canal winds along some very pretty parts of London and in the 45 minute trip we passed through some very expensive parts of Maida Vale and St John’s Wood before entering the edge of Regents Park itself. Our route then took us through to Camden Town and at Camden Lock we disembarked directly into the market area.
This is one of the most famous market areas in London (and among the most famous in the UK) and there are literally hundreds of stalls selling everything from clothes to exotic gifts. They provided lots of opportunities for Christmas shopping and personal shopping. The food stalls were also a great attraction and a welcome part of our trip. Finally, we managed to find somewhere to sit down, have a drink, relax, show each other what we had bought and get some warmth returned to our feet and hands.
There were a number of comments that this was definitely a trip to repeat.

Written by Geofflondon06-camden-lock