EC Trip to Cambridge

Sunday 6th December was set for our trip to Cambridge and by 9am I had received 3 calls querying if the trip was still going ahead. London was suffering a major rain storm! However the forecast had been encouraging and by the time the 10 of us met at the School ………..a pale blue, cold, wintery sky rewarded our perseverance. On arrival by train in Cambridge we walked leisurely through the town centre and then along Kings Road to look at King’s College (founded in 1441) and the medieval architecture of the other college buildings. We walked on the Millpond area and after a warming lunch eaten on the historic bridge we decided to brave the elements and go punting! There were very few other people on the River Cam and it was just as well that we were given blankets to keep us warm. It was lovely to go along the backs of all the famous colleges and to see them from such a serene perspective.

When we finished, warm drinks were needed and we headed to Market Square where the famous Christmas Fair was being held. The goods on offer were too nice to resist and we enjoyed shopping among the stalls. A trip to the town’s famous fudge shop completed our treats and it wasn’t until very late afternoon that we made our way back to the station. It had been a very full and rewarding day with some good friendships struck up amongst the group.

Written by Geoffimag0003imag0004imag0005