Student testimonial for a trip to Stonehendge !

When I was in Stonehenge I felt something strange, like a good energy, it was fantastic, it was like “the stars give you some powers to relax, to think clear”. Is a fantastic place.,. the aliens made a good work of that! My friends and me spend great time, in the city of bath. We enjoyed the archite … Read more

EC Tower of London Trip

The Tower of London is one of the UK’s most famous landmarks and as none of our group had visited it before, we set off on 24th January with great anticipation. We approached the Tower by walking along the river from London Bridge and this provided a strong visual impact as the Tower loomed out of t … Read more

A Hot Date and a Cold Beer

On Thursday last week, if you happen to have been* in the cafe getting a bite to eat at around 6pm, you may have witnessed a slightly unusual event.  To be precise*, you may have seen twelve nervous FCE and CAE students getting ready to bare their souls* to each other in a round of Cambridge Exam-st … Read more

AY Programme

Are you an AY student? Hang on, what is an AY student? AY stands for Academic Year, and you’re an AY student if you study at EC for 24 weeks or more. At EC, we have a special programme for AY students. Can you guess what it’s called? Yes, it’s called the Academic Year Programme. The Academic Year Pr … Read more

Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australia Day and there will be celebrations going on all over Australia and London. But how much do you know about Australia and the history behind Australia Day? Find out more at: Also, if you would like to join in the celebrations in L … Read more