Laura B’s Chinese Adventure

Hello! This is Laura B from EC London writing from Guangzhou in China where I am going to be spending the next few months.

We arrived in Guangzhou on Saturday after a wonderful holiday in Hong Kong where we saw the New Year in in style.  We settled into our amazing new apartment very quickly and went out to explore the city. Guangzhou is a very big industrial city in southern China with a population of more than 10 million people. I thought London was big but this is on another level!

The people here are very kind and  friendly but not many of them speak English so I need to improve my Chinese as soon as possible. I learnt a little bit of Mandarin when I was in London to prepare for this trip but I love learning new languages and so do not want to stop there. Today I enrolled at a really nice language school (similar atmosphere to EC London!) and I am going to start my course on Monday. Being in China surrounded by the language every day is the perfect opportunity for me to learn fast. I am hoping to be pre-intermediate level by the time we leave!