Introducing: EC London’s Breakfast club!

Ara l-istampa bil-qies kollu taghha.

What is it?

A free drop-in session every morning from 8.30am (with the exception of Monday) for our students to kick start their English-speaking day in our wonderful café where students of similar levels can watch the news together, read the daily newspapers and discuss the issues of the day, with or without a teacher present.

What it isn’t:

Breakfast Club offers free English practice but you’ll need to pay for your coffee and croissants! And it isn’t a reenactment of the film by the same name.

How will students benefit?

· Free access to newspapers and opportunity for listening and speaking practice before even getting to class

· Similar levels on different days giving students the opportunity to discuss issues with greater ease

· Getting to know other students in the school, experiencing yet more varieties of English

· Engages students in informed critical thinking (particularly useful for IELTS and Cambridge students)

Sounds great! When does it start?

From Tuesday 26th January:

Tuesday & Thursday:

High Intermediate-Advanced, including Exam students, Business minigroup and Private students

Wednesday & Friday:

Beginner-Intermediate students

Hope to see you there and don’t forget:

*********Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!********

to kick start (v) = to begin with energy

the issues of the day (count n.) = the important topics or subjects that are in the news

a reenactment (count n.) = a remake, a new version of something

with greater ease (uncount n.) = it is easier