Penny the Pidgeon

Yesterday afternoon we found an injured pidgeon outside the front door. It seemed she had hurt her leg and was missing a few feathers, after calling RSPCA it saw a few people and i guess it got scared and flew away. Everyone here in reception including Bernard hopes Penny makes a speedy recovery! 🙂

‘How good is your English?’ Perhaps a better question is: ‘How do you know how good your English is?’ Well, I’ve written this to help you find out. A language consists of different parts: To be good at English, you need to be good at both skills and systems. However, th … Read more

Crystal Palace Football Club

My favourite football team is Crystal Palace who are from South London. They are in financial trouble at the moment so if you know anybody who wants to buy a great football team look at the advert recently shown in the Financial Times here in the UK … Read more

World English: Welsh English

Not all English is the same. There’s American English, Australian English, Irish English and so on. For example, in America they say ‘pants’ and in the UK we say ‘trousers’. So what is ‘Wenglish’? …Well, it’s the dialect of English, which is spoken in South Wales, especially in the Swansea/Cardiff/ Valleys area in the UK. It is English but with a Welsh ‘flavour’…