AY30 Students: The Electives

Academic Year Programme students have 30 lessons per week. That’s why they’re called AY30! Ten of these lessons are called Intensive Electives, in which AY30 students can focus on a particular area. Intensive electives are 4 weeks long, and these are the choices:

Ø Survival English: this is for beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate students, and focuses on language needed to function in everyday situations

The following courses are for intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced students:

Ø Get Talking: this enables students to practise speaking and listening in everyday situations

Ø Academic Skills: this is for students that want to do an exam or study at university, and focuses on skills such as note-taking, presentations and essay-writing

Ø A Bit of Business: this course is for students that use English at work, and includes skills work such as telephoning, emails and presentations

Ø Grammar in Real Contexts: a workshop that helps you to use grammar accurately in everyday situations

Ø TOEFL/IELTS/FCE/CAE: these classes are specifically for students preparing to take one of the exams

Remember, if you’re an AY30 student, you also need to participate in Reading Club, attend lectures and complete an elective task, the timetable for which is below. The scores you receive will be used in calculating your final grade!



Academic Year Coordinator