English Study Skills

studentWhat does it take to be a good student?

  1. Being good at grammar
  2. Knowing lots of words
  3. Speaking as much as you can
  4. None of the above

The correct answer is D.

Because being a good student is nothing to do with being good at English: you could be the worst student in the world (arrive in class late, not do your homework, etc.) and still be good at English.

Having said that, being a good student is a great way to get better at English – by giving consideration to how you study, you can improve the way you learn. Here are my top ten tips for being a better student:

1. Ask yourself why you’re here – it’s easy to lose sight of the reason you came here in the first place. Think about how English will change your future

2. Trust your teachers – they know the most about your abilities. Ask them for help with how you can improve your English

3. Take responsibility – there is ultimately one person that can determine how quickly and how well you learn English: you

4. Use the Social Programme – when there is an opportunity to practise your English, take it. Try going to Breakfast Club or Coffee and Conversation

5. Be proactive – 24 hours in a day. How many hours in class? You should be using English as much as you can from the moment you wake up

6. Get organised – put handouts in a folder, write notes you can refer back to, keep a vocabulary book – take pride in your work

7. Know your learning style – knowing how you learn best will help you learn better

8. Be good at managing your time – time is the most valuable resource you have – use it wisely

9. Know your weaknesses – being able to identify your weak areas helps you to improve – making mistakes is an important part of this process

10. Enjoy the process – motivation to learn English is essential if you want to keep learning. If you don’t feel motivated, ask yourself why – and refer to point 1 above

If you have any questions about any of the above points, then drop me a line at: danielwoodard@ecenglish.com

Dan Woodard

Academic Year Coordinator