EC is going Green…

1569086123_60f4124e4f1Being Green means being environmentally friendly – it means taking steps to make sure that our planet is healthy. Global warming is a very important issue, and is becoming big business. Here are some reasons why people are starting to go Green:


  1. Rising sea levels could mean that some cities (and even some countries) may be underwater in 100 years
  2. The effects of global warming may eventually cost the global economy as much as 20% (by 2100), but the cost of fixing the problem today would only be about 1% of the global economy
  3. We may lose up to 50% of the different types of animal that live on the planet by 2100
  4. There will be more fires, more floods, more droughts and more storms
  5. Poor countries will have less food because of droughts and flooding, which may lead to wars

 At EC, we think it’s really important to take care of our school, our street, our city, our country and our planet. That’s why we’re going Green. And you can help! Here’s how:


  1. Recycle! If you want to throw away paper, cans or plastic bottles, then please recycle them – we will soon have recycling bins in the café at EC
  2. When you leave an empty room, turn off the light and save energy
  3. Save water by spending less time in the shower
  4. Why catch the tube when you can walk? You get to see more of London that way…
  5. Tell others – the best way to make a difference is by spreading the word

If we all work together, then we can make EC, and the rest of the world, a greener, cleaner place.