Sun, Sea & Fish & Chips in Brighton

We chose the perfect day for our trip to Brighton, as the sun was shining and it felt like the winter was finally coming to an end. On arrival we headed straight for the lanes and as usual its boutique shops where bustling with people shopping looking for things both old and new. From there we followed the lanes past the quaint English teashops which offer a delicious variety of cakes and biscuits. The sea then came into view and we went off in search of lunch. 10 portions of fish and chips later, and with some mixed reviews, we walked down on to the beach. There we spent time taking photos and watched those locals crazy enough to venture into the freezing cold sea. With no-one tempting to join in we opted for the famous Brighton Pier were there are a whole host of games and rides for children and adults alike. We wondered around for a while, then decided to head indoors and warm up as the sun had vanished and the familiar British chill had returned. So we ended up walking past the Royal Pavilion and through its gardens and going into the Brighton museum. Once inside we split up with some going to learn about the history of Brighton’s gay scene whilst others just sat in the café. It was soon time to make our way back to the train station, but we still had time to have a drink in the friendliest pub in Brighton!

Written by Sam Dizon