Wedding crashing at Hampton Court Palace

Again another great sunny day for the social programme, this weekend we went back in time to the Hampton Court Palace. To help us navigate our way around the enormous palace we picked up audio headsets which gave us directions and fascinating information and insight. We were guided through the old kitchens, where we learnt about methods of cooking and the type of food they ate. Funnily they believed beavers looked like fish so that they could be eaten on religious days! We then wandered around the sumptuous quarters of King Henry VIII. We did a spot of dressing up trying on traditional cloaks and sat down in the Great Hall where the King’s guests used to dine. We also saw the Georgian quarters and the living quarters of King William of Orange, both lavishly decorated with paintings and tapestries. We next ventured out to the extensive gardens and headed straight to the garden’s walled maze. There we attempted and failed several times to find the centre of the maze and in the end we followed a group of kids who knew where they were going. To celebrate and to warm up we went for hot chocolate in the garden café but we could not stay for long, as we were guests at the wedding of the King and Anne Boleyn. When it finished the men bowed and the women curtsied and we followed the King and Queen (both were actors) out into the courtyard, where the adoring public were awaiting. They then retired to the marital chamber and we went headed off to catch the train back into London.

Written by Sam Dizon