Breakfast Club today!

In Breakfast Club today, there were 7 students present and we discussed: > The Volcanic Ash Cloud and continuing disruption around the world > How chimpanzees grieve for their loved ones > Jersey Royal Potatoes > The Election New language which came up included: -a wheelbarrow – to … Read more

Stranded in Sydney…no longer!

After 4 days of waiting, we finally got a call from our airline and we we’re flown back to the UK on Saturday, arriving Sunday. I’ve never been so excited about coming home as, although it was wonderful being away, there’s no place like home and when you’re denied something, … Read more

The George Cross

Many people get the George Cross mixed up with St George’s Cross. St George’s cross is the flag for England and looks like this : The George Cross, however, was an award for bravery  given during and after the second world war from King George who was on the throne of England then. The G … Read more

St George’s Day

The 23rd April is St George’s Day in England. This is particularly special because St George is the patron saint of England (he is also the patron saint of many other countries too). Legend has it that he slayed dragons although the facts suggest he was a roman soldier famous for upholding his … Read more

Social programme – New records set

Last week saw record numbers for 2 social programme events. On Wednesday evening 14th April, Sam had planned a walking tour, telling the infamous story of Jack the Ripper and taking in the London scenes where the events took place. The walking tours are always popular and he was expecting around 10 … Read more

EC Trip to Cambridge

Saturday 17th April was a great Spring day with deep blue skies. As we started to assemble outside the School the numbers quickly grew to the 15 or so I was expecting then another 5 to arrive. Then a further five and finally 37 of us set off for the station. This is a record for a day visit. We took … Read more

Stranded in Sydney- day 2

While airspace in the UK has now reopened and flights are finally taking off and landing, I am still in Sydney, awaiting news. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds being stranded but, as with everything, it depends on how you look at it. We’re lucky enough to be staying with friends, near … Read more