I bought a really gorgeous skirt in¬†ZARA near Oxford Circus 1 week ago. There¬†were a lot of beautiful¬†clothes include nice¬†dresses as that you would be mad about. But I don’t know what is the most expensive clothes in ZARA. Just I saw that a¬†jacket is just ¬£70!!. It’s really cheap. But I … Read more


I went to Machu Picchu in Peru in January¬†of this year. It was the best place I have ever been to. I went to Australia when I was a¬† junior high school student. If¬†¬†I have a lot of¬† free time, I would like go to Mexico. I went to Thailand in¬†September¬† 2009 for I met my sister there. I haven’t … Read more

Renting a place in London

How much do I have to pay for the house located in Wimbledon? Actually I don’t know the house price in Wimbledon but for zone1 and zone2 are more expensive than another zones.In Central London (for example: Oxford, Holborn, Soho, Marble Arch, Bond Street) is between ¬£1500 and ¬£3000 . This pric … Read more


The Volcanic ash influenced the London Economy because all airports were stopped to work¬†and flights cancelled. Some people were waitting¬†for a long time to take a other flights. I think this natural disaster cost around 1 billion EUROS. In my opinion about economy of France was in difficulty to gro … Read more


Hi guys! There are a lots of different restaurants in London. I’ve been to Persian restaurants many times and actually sometimes I like to try different kinds of food, so I’ve been to Chinese,Indian,Italian… restaurants!! Do you recommend a restaurant in London? What’s your f … Read more

Shopping in London

London is a very nice place if you want find a lot of nice and cheap things. Do you know Camden Town? If you don’t know it you must go there. Personally I found a lot of nice dresses very cheap about ¬£30,¬†this area is very pleasant because isn’t big shop but during the weekend there are … Read more

English language

English¬†is the most universal languages and economic language. the American accent is cooler. Maybe you think speak faster but you can’t listen to¬†yourself but it is true because you lose the fear of speaking a different language. Spanish is better than other languages¬†;p.¬†But¬†I¬†like the sound … Read more

EC Friends

I have met good friends in EC. I met many friends from diffrent nationalities. I have 60 something friends. I have¬†Japanese friends, Colombian friends, French friends, Iranian friends, Thai friends, Turkish friends …. Wow to many friends to count ! Before I came here I was afraid of¬† a foreign … Read more

South Bank – Social Programme

On Saturday 15th May our EC outing took advantage of the Tate Modern 10th birthday celebrations. It was a lovely morning when we met outside the School and so walked the scenic way down to Waterloo and then along the South Bank past the Royal Festival Hall and following the Thames until we arrived a … Read more