The not so alternative walk!

I was awaited outside the school by about 10 students, all whom expected to be going on a walk of alternative London. When I mentioned to them it was an alternative history, they suddenly didn’t seem so sure, only really Felix my trusty companion from the previous walk. No matter, I persuaded them it would be interesting if not exciting, they seemed to believe me an off we went. Charles II was the main focus of the walk and the sordid and indulgent lifestyle he lived when in residence at Whitehall. For good measure a bit more about prison and executions, IRA attacks and the foiling of Guy Fawkes. We then wandered through the St James Park passing by Horse guards. There I showed the students the young soldiers on patrol, what a boring job, especially when tourists stand next you to pointing and laughing while having their pictures taken. At this point the cold became too much and we retreated to a local pub. Here the students informed me off some things they would like to see and find out about in relation to London alternative culture NOT history. I will try and put something together for next week guys!