D-day approaches for Cambridge exam students

Are you an FCE, CAE or CPE student?  If so, with just under a month to go before the big day, what are you doing to keep your exam preparation on track?   Try this questionnaire to see if you are doing enough (the more points you score, the better prepared you are)!

The Cambridge Exam Preparation Quiz

1.  What has your attendance been like so far?  (You should be attending AT LEAST 80% of your classes.)

I have attended 90-100% of my classes – 5 points; 80-89% – 3 points; less than 80% – 0 points

2.  How familiar are you with the format of the exam?

I know what the papers are, the length of each paper, and what the sections and marks awarded are- 5 points; I    know what the papers are and the length of each paper – 3 points;  I know what the papers are – 0 points

3.  How many hours of work (directly related to the exam) are you doing per night?  (You SHOULD be doing at least 2           hours!)

3 hours or more – 5 points; 2 hours – 3 points; 1 hour or less – 0 points

4.  Are you doing all of the homework that your various teachers are setting you, and meeting the deadlines?

I always do all my homework on time and ask my teacher for additional work – 5 points; I always do all my                 homework on time – 3 points; I don’t always do all my homework – 0 points

5.  How organised are you?

I have a file for all my notes, a notebook to record new vocabulary and an error diary – 5 points; I have a file for    all my notes and a notebook to record new vocabulary – 3 points; I have a file for all my notes – 0 points

6.  Have you read either of the set books prescribed for your course?  (You should know by now that they are for Part         two of the writing paper, questions 5 a & b.)

I have read both books – 5 points; one of them – 3 points; neither of them – 0 points

7.  Are you keeping track of your progress?

I make a note of all my test results, I know where my weaknesses lie, and I ask my teacher and classmates to tell    me how I’m getting on – 5 points; I make a note of all my test results and know where my weaknesses lie – 3 points; I  know where my weaknesses lie – 0 points

8.  Are you reviewing new grammar and vocabulary on a daily basis and then recycling and practising them?

I make a note of new words and structures in my notebook, I recycle grammar and vocabulary in my writing and     I try out the new language with my friends and classmates when I speak – 5 points; I make a note of new words       and structures in my notebook – 3 points; I don’t make an effort to note down and recycle new language – 0 points

So… how have you performed?

30-40 points: You are the perfect student and just need to keep going and doing what you’ve already been doing!

11- 29 points: You are on the right track, but make sure you put in some extra effort during the last month to make sure you reach your full potential.

0-10 points: You need to pull up your socks and start doing some serious work if you still hope to pass the exam!

Remember, if you need more advice on what more you can do to improve your chances of passing, there are some top tips for success on page 6 of the exam handbook, and feel free to speak to your teacher if you need any more ideas!