Halloween Walking Tour

One of the favourite events in the Social Programme is the Wednesday evening walking tours to interesting and historic parts of London.

To celebrate Halloween week a suitable scary tour was organised for the Wednesday just past and a great number of some 25 students joined our long standing expert Chris and our new expert – another Chris!

Between them they arranged a really fascinating and successful tour around the parts of Holborn that had a close association with the Black Death of the Middle Ages and places that have a strong link to ghosts, ghouls and other scary happenings.

Fortunately it was a very light hearted evening that captured a really good blend of remarkable and amusing facts, events and places.

It was a lot of fun and there was a unanimous decision at the end to have a drink together in a welcoming nearby pub.

It is events like these that provide an opportunity to meet other students and make new friends.

Our thanks to the two Chris’s for this special event but don’t forget that the purpose of all the walking tours is to provide an evening that is good fun, interesting and in good company.

If you are free on a Wednesday evening then come along for our weekly free walking tour.