Green fact of the week

Each year in Britain, we throw away 28 million tonnes of rubbish from our homes. This weighs the same as three and a half million double decker buses. A queue of buses that long would go around the world one and a half times. Contact your local council about recycling in your area.

EC City Farm Trip

The farm was set up as a community project 20 years ago on a site that had originally been market gardens in the early 1800’s. Later a brewery was built on the site but then other industrial buildings were added until finally it became an abandoned eyesore. The community saw this as a great opportun … Read more

Thames Boat Trip & Watching Football!

As it was a bright afternoon on the 16th February we decided when we met outside the School that we would take in some sights and walk along to the Thames Embankment. Our route took us through the back areas of Holborn, skirting Covent Garden along to the Aldwych and past Somerset House where we cut … Read more

A Greener EC

We need your help! EC wants to be an environmentally friendly school, so we are looking at ways to become greener. To help us do this, we need some information from our students… If you follow the link below, it will take you to our ‘green survey’ – it only takes about a minu … Read more

EC trip to Westminster Abbey

We recently asked for suggestions about the type of places people would like to visit as part of our Social Programme…and a visit to Westminster Abbey was proposed by a number of people together with a perennial favourite, Covent Garden. So on Friday 11th we combined both venues and on a clear … Read more

Green fact of the week

Did you know 2,500 TONS of CDs are thrown into landfills each year? Did you know it takes 200 to 500 YEARS for one CD to decompose? Check out the website below for free CD recycling…

Green fact of the week…

The average dinner in the UK has travelled 25,000 miles to get to your plate and used 52 megajoules of energy (the equivalent of boiling a kettle for 700 cups of tea!) Buying seasonal produce from a farmers market clocks up only 376 miles and the eqvialent of 1 megajoule (13 cups of tea) So find you … Read more

EC trip to Greenwich

We set off from EC London on Saturday 5th February prepared for rain but we were in luck. The weather stayed bright and warm and our group of students walked through some of the quieter streets down to the Embankment where we caught a Thames Clipper riverboat for the journey to Greenwich. Seeing Lon … Read more