EC City Farm Trip

The farm was set up as a community project 20 years ago on a site that had originally been market gardens in the early 1800’s. Later a brewery was built on the site but then other industrial buildings were added until finally it became an abandoned eyesore. The community saw this as a great opportunity to reclaim the site to show local people what life was like outside the City.

The farmyard houses a busy mix of chicken, pigs, ducks, geese, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, cows and farm dogs. A riot of noise, colour and movement that kept us all entranced. For 2 of our group it was the first time they had seen pigs as they are not kept as livestock in their own country. We were also able to watch some of the animals being fed and one of the farm workers gave us an impromptu briefing on all the work going on and patiently answered lots of questions. There were also many display boards and so a lot of new words were learnt. We also found out from one of our group that in Iranian there is no word for ‘mule’. It is called ‘a donkey in sports clothes’. What a great description!

A visit to the vegetable and herb garden completed our visit and then after much washing of hands we found somewhere for some hot drinks and a chance to chat. This was a very full and good fun afternoon with lots of laughs, lots of photographs being taken and our spirits being raised in readiness for the weekend.