Green fact of the week

Every tonne of paper recycled saves 17 trees. Please use the new recycling bins around the school and in the cafe

EC Outdoor Swimming Trip!

When I first suggested an outing to an open air swimming pool…in the middle of winter, I think most people thought I was mad! However, there was a bright start to Sunday morning 27th February and fortunately a few other people shared my enthusiasm so we set off to Holborn for the journey to Lo … Read more

EC trip to London Zoo

Our weekend trip was to Regents Park Zoo and as it was such a lovely crisp day we decided to take a detour and caught the bus to Camden Town so that we could take in a quick visit to the famous market. It is always particularly colourful and varied at the weekend and we had a great time looking at a … Read more

Design Museum‏ and more!

Our trip last Friday 11th March was based around a visit to the Design Museum but we managed to pack in a lot of other enjoyable activities as well. After meeting at the School we walked through Covent Garden and down to the Thames to catch the river boat from the Embankment Pier. Its a particularly … Read more

Green fact of the week

Recycling one plastic bottle can save the same amount of energy needed to power a 60-watt light bulb for six hours. Please use the recycling bins in the EC Cafe. EC Cares


Never heard of the TOFU….er TOEFL?  It’s the Test Of English as a Foreign Language and  EC London runs a 4 week, 30 hour a week TOEFL Crash Course. The course is designed to prepare you with all of the strategies and practical tips needed to fly through the official iBT TOEFL Exam. More … Read more