Student Radio

Listening to the radio is a great way to practice your language skills, and there are many benefits for the listener. You can listen at home on the radio (Just like the old days), or why don’t you download a podcast, or stream it live on your laptop.

Thanks to the internet, there is now a wealth of different radio stations and programs that can be accessed any time of day, and cater for any taste, so you are bound to find a subject that interests you.

But what would be better than listening to a radio program for practicing you’re English? Making your very own radio show!

That is what a group of EC students were recently encouraged to do. The group were given time to create, write and perform their own radio show, as if it were going out live on air.

This was a great success, the students enjoyed the experience of seeing exactly what goes into putting a professional program together.

There were some very original ideas, from the funny to the strange! After this experience it is something that is going to happen again, perhaps in the future we will make feature length radio documentaries.

For those who are interested in radio resources I would like to recommend the following radio websites:

This American Life

This American Life is probably my favourite radio program, it covers many different stories which are all told in a very unique way. They have an archive which dates back to 1995, have a look and pick a subject which interests you.

All things considered

A daily show on a variation of topical matters.

Radio Lab

Radio lab make some of the most beautiful sounding radio, focusing mainly on science subjects, you are in for an exciting ride! My recommendation would be to wear headphones and enjoy!

Last but not least, the world famous BBC Radio 4

With this endless list of programs, documentaries and comedy you will probably end up with quite a serious addiction to your wireless set.

So why not download a podcast, sit in the park and learn with your eyes closed.

Over and out

Rob EC London