My First Day at EC London

When I arrived at EC London for my work placement my immediate thought was how welcoming everyone was, both staff and students.   As it was the first day of school for all the new students I joined the tour of the school and local area with them to familiarize ourselves with each of EC’s four … Read more

“Notte della Taranta” (Taranta Night) in London

After giving his own unique spin to the “Notte della Taranta” (Taranta Night) last year, Ludovico Einaudi -one of the most famous Italian pianist- is bringing this special event to the Barbican on 25 and 26 June. The “Notte della Taranta” is a Festival founded in 1998 in order to rescue the popular … Read more

TOEFL and TOEIC for Visas

The UK Home Office is now accepting the TOEIC and the TOEFL exams as proof of your English level for visa and immigration requirements.  For more specific details follow these links; ETS website: Home Office: … Read more

Skills for Work

SKILLS FOR WORK by Germaine Broadbent, Director of EduGold, a career orientated training organization Interested in working in the UK? Want to make the most of your internship? Starting a new job is always a little scary, walking into a new environment and learning the culture of that particular org … Read more

Green fact of the week

Incinerating 10,000 tonnes of waste creates 1 job, landfill the same amount of waste creates 6 jobs, but recycling the same 10,000 tonnes creates 36 jobs.

EC afternoon boat trip to Greenwich

We set off from EC London on Friday 3rd June prepared for the sun and we were in luck. The weather stayed hot and our group of students walked through some of the quieter streets down to the Embankment where we caught a Thames Clipper riverboat for the journey to Greenwich. Seeing London from the ri … Read more

For everybody who love dance!

Hello all! This post is for everybody who love dance! An amazing performance by Desmond Richardson, Complexions Contemporary Ballet’s Artistic Director, and his partner Hiroko Sakakibara. I do love the elegance, the powerful and the perfection of their dancing movements. We can only imagine how diff … Read more


It seems Summer is on its way finally after a long, snowy,cold winter and long grey days!!!! Summer is great in London and all over England, there are lots of parks where you can enjoy long lazy days having picnics or just relaxing, perhaps playing rounders. Some amazing places to visit in the Summe … Read more