My First Day at EC London

When I arrived at EC London for my work placement my immediate thought was how welcoming everyone was, both staff and students.
As it was the first day of school for all the new students I joined the tour of the school and local area with them to familiarize ourselves with each of EC’s four buildings. A brilliant chance to get to know people with a group competition to see who knows most about the area (often causing hilarious miscommunication that we could all laugh about in the pub later!)
The Welcome Talks were very informative and provided an excellent opportunity to visit the most interesting and liveliest hub of the college, the cafe! You would be amazed at the many different and impromptu conversations that take place there with people from all different walks of life with a chance to share your own experiences too. 
Even though I am from England, I often found that students knew more about London than me because I am from the north of England so London feels just like a foreign country to me as well! It can be strange but above all, it’s exciting!

By Beth Seneviratne-Eglin