The Mystery of the Missing Mug…

We all have our favourite items, ones we can’t do without…teddy bears, lucky horseshoes, favourite socks…and office people LOVE their own mugs. Unfortunately, poor Tanya’s mug has gone on an adventure somewhere in EC London, and now she can’t have a cup of tea…it& … Read more

Girl or Boy – To know or not to know…

So my lovely boss Nikki is pregnant and on Tuesday 1st November she is having her 20 week scan. Now at the scan they are going to ask Nikki and her partner if they want to find out the gender…. But Nikki is very confused as she doesn’t know whether to find out or not, so she needs a bit … Read more

London Quiz!!

London Quiz!! Here are a few quiz questions with interesting/surprising answers – do what you can and answers will be given next week… 1. Of the 270 London Underground stations, how many are to the north of the river Thames? 2. What can you buy at New Covent Garden Market? And where is i … Read more

St Paul’s Shopping Centre

Have you been to the new shopping centre near St Paul’s cathedral? I’ve been a couple of times shopping there, but what I highly recommed is the the top floor restaurant/bar. The London views from the terrace are amazing!

3D Art

These unbelievable photos are chalk drawings by extremely talented artists, it is almost impossible to tell what is real from what is an illusion. So next time you are taking a walk through the city, stop and look down!!

Phoenix… -18!

Hello Everyone, I am going on holiday to Phoenix, Arizona, in 18 days….. I started the countdown long ago 🙂 Has any of you been there before?  I am planning to visit the Grand Canyon, I think it is one of those things you must do when you go to Phoenix. Any suggestions on what to do? Gabby