Cambridge Exam Student Social at the White hart.

The evening began with an orderly queue of students lining up to collect their free drinks vouchers and ended with 4 students bathed in glory, the victors of an epic battle of wits. The evening in question? The Cambridge exam student pub quiz.
Once the students had queued for their tokens they took up queuing for drinks while the teachers put them into teams and then using our best classroom management skills attempted to get them all into the correct places. Team names were quickly chosen and battle commenced with a picture round, which required expert knowledge of young celebrities. More rounds followed, testing knowledge of London history and its buildings, cryptic tube names and questions about the exam itself, it wasn’t all fun and games.
All of the teams scored impressively highly but one team, Corona, stood atop the pile as the whistle was blown and were rightfully crowned champions. In the aftermath students left their tables to find classmates and refill their glasses but all around there were smiles and the chatter of conversation with new friends discussing what the answer to question 14 round 2 had been.