Breakfast Club: new language

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Yesterday in Breakfast Club, 5 EC students from France and Japan discussed the headlines of the day, namely the summit taking place to rescue the eurozone and the cause of death of the singer, the late Amy Winehouse.   There was a lot of new vocabulary which came up – here are just a few of the new words we talked about below. Can you guess which story they came from?

a trillion (n) = 1,000000000000

binge drinking  (n) = when people drink a very large volume of alcohol in a short space of time with the intention of getting drunk

an increase in debt = more debt

rehab (n) = short form of rehabilitation; a form of treatment to help someone overcome a problem they have

the bailout package (n) = the agreement the Heads of State were trying to come to to save the economies in the Eurozone

to stare at someone/something (v) = to look very hard at something. It is considered impolite to stare at people

a gun (n) = a tool used to shoot things, animals or people

the leaders/the Heads of State (n) = the people responsible for the government in their countries e.g Prime Minister, President, Chancellor

Breakfast Club takes place in our cafe every week, Tuesday-Friday 8.30-8.55am.  See you there soon!