The Mystery of the Missing Mug…

We all have our favourite items, ones we can’t do without…teddy bears, lucky horseshoes, favourite socks…and office people LOVE their own mugs. Unfortunately, poor Tanya’s mug has gone on an adventure somewhere in EC London, and now she can’t have a cup of tea…it’s a real mystery!

What would Sherlock Holmes do? The great detective might ask who, what, where, when, and how questions…

What went missing?
Why did it disappear?
When did it go missing?
Where could it be?
Who could have taken it?
How did they manage to take it without Tanya realising?

It’s a real whodunnit…did the butler do it? Is it under the sink? Did someone with an exotic accent take it to the teachers room for tea break? Who knows? Answers on a postcard to S Holmes, Baker St…or Tanya B, Stukeley St…