Do you like animals? I for one love animals and would love to do some charity work for a cats/dogs shelter home. At my house we have had many pets such as tortoise, 2 terrapins, ducks, birds, rabbits, cats and fish. My favourite pet is a Cat, our cat at home is called Buttons and is lovely she is ar … Read more

Practise your listening and vocabulary using songs!

If you would like ideas on how to improve your English outside the classroom in a fun and interactive way, you should try! You can choose from three levels of difficulty and there are many different songs with their music videos. All you do is listen and fill in the bl … Read more

Pounding the pavement

My family were down from Scotland at the weekend, and we had a great time.  We saw almost all of the main sights of London in two days!!!   It was a crisp autumnal weekend and perfect for walking, so instead of squeezing in to the sardine tin that the tube can be on a Saturday we decided to walk.  L … Read more

How not to be late… ever again!

Since I moved to London, I have always chosen not to live near a tube station. Trains are always packed during rush hour, and I don’t like the “sardine” effect first thing in the morning or after work! Therefore, my choice of a new place to live usually depends on how conveniently … Read more

Would you like a drink?

Today is Friday, finally!!!!And I am looking forward to go and have a drink at our local pub. Chatting with friends and colleguaes drinking a pint of beer or a “big” glass of wine (if you are from Italy) is the best way to start the week end. Cheers everyone!!!!

Farewell Geoff

Geoff (EC London’s Social Programme Coordinator) will be leaving us for 6 months to embark on a journey around Brazil. Not only is he running away from the UK for the winter months, but he is also doing it for a good cause!!! Good Luck Geoff and see you ..soon enough!! P.S Alec will be taking … Read more

£214.27! The magic number… That’s how much money was raised for Children in Need by EC London students and staff last Friday. So how did we do it? How did we get people to part with their hard-earned cash? Well, we asked the staff to come to school in jeans and a hat. And then charged th … Read more

A trip to USA

I am going to USA next Easter!!!I still cannot believe it!!! My friends know that I love travelling and during a daily trip to Bath a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join her  and her friends for a trip to USA. We organised a trip to Boston, NY and Washington two weeks ago and we bought the f … Read more

Academic focus group results

In the past week, we have held two acdemic focus groups to really get to grips with how our students view the teaching and learning at EC London and which areas required greater attention. Thank you to all our students who contributed; rest assured we will be working on areas such as tutorials, home … Read more

Interesting part time student jobs

Today myself and Kevin found ourselves talking about what jobs we used to have when we were students, we both realised we used to work for the same food chain store ‘Co-op’ and we were both there for 3 years and worked on the tills. Before working in the co-op I worked in a fruit and veg … Read more