Do you believe in horoscopes?

During my last CAE lesosn we were talking about Zodiac and Horoscopes.
How much do you believe in horoscopes? Some people believe too much in Astrology but some don’t believe at all.
I do believe in Astrology!!My personality totally reflects my sign: Pisces!!!

According to the horoscopes Pisceans are: absent-minded, adoring, artistic, careless, compassionate, emotional, escapists, imaginative, lovable, not competitive, sensitive, sympathetic, temperamental and unselfish!!!
And people born under pisces can’t bear to see suffering, cry easily, don’t like hurting people, get confused easily, lack ambition and put other people first.
I really do think that these traits describe myself… I am often absent-minded and I get confused easily in particular when I see a nice boys 🙂