IELTS on the web!!

Here are a list of websites that we recommend you check out for your own personal preparation for the IELTS.  Please post any other sites that you have found useful.  The more we can add to the list the better.

Here is a list of more general websites that you may find useful as resources to practice your reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar and summarising skills in English for the IELTS exam. – UK news website.  Excellent resource for vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening skills practice.  Be sure to check out the learn English section at – UK news website.  More formal/academic than the BBC.  Excellent resource for vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening skills. – Academic, political and economic focused website.  This is a fantastic resource for higher level students wishing to expand their vocabulary knowledge and improve advanced listening and reading skills.  The economic focus here provides a great resource for developing statistical analysis skills for Writing Task 1. – Great web resource for a variety of topic based articles to improve reading, listening and vocabulary skills. – Cambridge website with vocabulary exercises updated daily.  See the Word bank sections. – American news and culture website.  Good reading and listening practice. – Another American news website.  A little more formal/academic than NPR but great for the same exam and skills practice. – Listening and comprehension practice website.  Great for lower level students. – American website that contains podcasts and audio blogs on various topics.  Useful for listening and note-taking practice.