Cambridge Welcome drinks and Pub Quiz

Ok, so i thought i’d make this blog a bit of a challenge, each paragraph has had some words removed in the style of a Cambridge Open Cloze exercise from the Use of English paper. Have a look and try to get the answers, i’ll put up the correct ones in a few days.

Paragraph one FCE level

Paragraph two CAE level

Paragraph three CPE level

6pm on a frosty London street, hands pushed deep inside my pockets in an attempt 1______  fight off the cold, this was how the first Cambridge social of the New Year began for me!  Slowly familiar faces began to appear from 2______ darkness, in pairs or small groups they approached 3______ muttered the words “err, is there free drink?” Having received a positive answer they began making their way to the White Hart our venue 4______ these events and as word 5______ the vouchers spread I was more regularly greeted 6______ students keen to get in on the free drinks.

David my glamorous side-kick for the evening assisted 7______ the drink token distribution and we 8______ aided and abetted by John and Tim, who added an extra dazzle and charm to the event.  Once the students 9______ queued for their tokens, they took up queuing for drinks while us teachers 10______ them into teams. Then making use of our best classroom management skills attempted to get them all into the correct places. The teams chose their names and then the game was afoot. The first round tested their knowledge of London’s most famous buildings, strictly no I-phones were 11______ and all of the teams impressed us by how 12______ they knew. More rounds followed, some cryptic questions based on London, a phonemes round and questions about the exam itself, it wasn’t all fun and games!

All of the teams scored impressively 13______, though it was rather distressing that the 14______  scoring round for most teams was on the different parts of the exam, but one team, the bizarrely named Banana and Coconut, 15______ rightfully crowned champions, 16______ got only 3 answers wrong in the whole quiz. In the aftermath some students left their tables to find classmates and refill 17______ glasses, while others stayed to chat to the members of their teams, but all 18______ there were smiles and the chatter of conversation till it was time for bed.