New Cambridge Exam Resources in the Study Room!

Some exam practice for you (FCE Use of English Part 2) and useful information!

If you are taking  1___ Cambridge exam preparation course with us or are interested 2___ seeing the language you would study at FCE, CAE or CPE, then you may be interested in the new resources we have in 3___Study Room. For FCE, we have “Vocabulary for FCE” with listening practice and for CAE and CPE, we have “Grammar for CAE and Proficiency” with audio and answers! 4_____are now available for you to access in our Study Room in Building 1, though they 5_______be taken home. If you would like a copy of a particular unit, 6_____ask Amanda and she will be able 7____ help you.

1) a
2) in
3) our/the
4) These/They
5) cannot/must not
6) just