Everybody loves a party and especially BOAT PARTIES, which is exactly what you can do this Friday night. We have flyers up in the cafe and in reception which will mean that your entry cost only £6 as opposed to £12. And don’t forget Pacha next week, there may be free tickets!

Shrove Tuesday: PANCAKE DAY

Tuesday (February 21st) is Shrove Tuesday and most significantly to British people, its is Pancake Day! make sure you eat as many as you can and the following Timeout link gives you an idea of the best ways and places to enjoy them. … Read more

Careers advice with Germaine

Today we had an excellent presentation and set of appointments with Germaine Broadbent who comes in to offer students advice on their job search and University options on the first and third Thursday of each month. I attended and it was great, make sure you do next time! The next one will be on Thur … Read more

Iranian Food Night – Thanks to Ali!

An early reminder that next we are having an Iranian food night next Sunday at Shahrzad restaurant in north London. There will be posters and reminders before then but we have provisionally arranged for people to meet at Golders Green station on Sunday February 26th at 6pm with the aim of eating at … Read more

Shrek – The Musical !!!

Lilian has arranged a special event for students to go and see Shrek on March 1st and having booked ten tickets to begin with, they have SOLD OUT due to popular demand!! If you would like to go and see ‘Shrek – The Musical’ then get in touch with Lilian because if there is sufficient interest from s … Read more

CSR Update: Volunteering in London

I could give you lots of information about volunteering, how easy it is, and how it can make your life better. But I don’t need to, because the government has done it for me. Follow the link and become a better person: … Read more