Quantify yourself!

EC Steps


Do you know your vital statistics? What about your not-so-vital statistics? Just for fun, I’ve been counting my daily calorie consumption, running distance and times using my Ipod sports app. My favourite measurement is steps taken – and I’ve been using a pedometer to calculate how many steps i’m taking in journeys to EC. Here are my favourite journeys!

1. From home to my desk at EC London is 363 steps (but for most of that I am on the bus!).
2. One complete circuit of EC London (all the way round the third floor at Euston House) is 150 steps. My colleague Carla did it in 172 steps (I’m a bit taller than Carla and thus have longer legs so I take fewer steps!).
3. From EC London at Euston to the 30+ programme at EC Covent Garden was 2,259 steps. Those steps took me through beautiful Russell Square on a sunny February day, past the British Museum and down Drury Lane (where the muffin man lived) past the oldest pub in London. That’s 4518 steps there and back – and I walk to EC Covent Garden and back three times a week. That’s 13,554 steps – equivalent to walking around EC London 90 times!!!

The next step (literally) is to calculate how many steps I take when presenting the Welcome Talk on Monday, as I tend to move around a lot!