Speaking different type of languages can have an impact on your life


I was reading the news on BBC web page and I found an interesting aritcle on how different type of languages have an impact on your life.

According to a behavioural economist of Yale University the grammar of the language we speak can affect our health and finances.
This reaserch identify two different categories of languages:
1. languages that use a different tense to talk about the future (like English or the other European Languages);
2. languages that use the present tense when dealing with the future.

Apparently the second group of languages do identify your present Self with the future One and make you save more money and be healthier. On the other side languages that have different tenses for present and future actions lead the Self to dissotiate the future from the present making it harder to save or being healty.

I think this theory is quite questionable because there are number of cultural, social, or economic reasons why different language speakers behave differently.

What do you agree or disagree with this theory?