London. Do not be scared to love it.

  Written by Federica Eliana  Magrì, blogger @ It’s official: London is a multicultural, non-stop city of 1001 things to do 24/7.. Living and studying for a period in one of the coolest city in Europe is a life-forming experience that cannot be easily ma … Read more

Sparkles of fun in the history, with a pinch of Colombia in it!

Are you keen on history? To be honest It isn´t my cup of tea but when you are in the UK, it´s everywhere, it´s like a direct injection into your veins.   I´m not good at remembering every event in recorded history, however, I have been gifted with a privileged photographic memory and there is o … Read more

Come and Join Coffee and Conversation!

What did you do on Wednesday at 3 pm? I’ll try to answer you: maybe you went back home or stayed talk with your old friends. And how many times did you stop to meet someone new? In my opinion rarely, but don’t worry about this. EC London has a diversified Social Programme… At this … Read more