Postgraduate Study in the UK


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Last week at EC London I met with 20 students! Word is spreading! I was astounded by the number of students interested in Postgraduate study. It was lovely to have so many interested & dedicated students but not everyone had time to speak with me individually before going to class, so here is some basic information that I hope will be useful.

To find a postgraduate degree course in your qualification see and click on ‘postgraduate study’, then ‘course search’

Read the information on this site, then check out the information on the actual University website to get a better understanding.

For questions about the course or application procedure email / call International Admissions at the university – don’t be afraid to telephone. It is their job to help you!

To apply, you need to apply to that university directly, usually by the end of June, in order to start in September BUT check with the university as this is different from university to university.

Most applications are online & all extra documents are to be scanned & attached to the application or emailed to the University – don’t send the originals EVER!

Usually there is no charge to apply, although one or two universities have started to apply a fee.

To apply, you will usually need:
one or two references translated into English: get these from your undergraduate course tutor, your teacher in class at EC London or from your current or previous employer
your certificates & transcripts from your qualifications translated into English
to fill in the University online application form
to complete a personal statement / letter of motivation to say why you want to do the course
For more specific questions regarding University, working in the UK or to get a CV in English, please come & see me the next time I visit EC London Euston on Thursday 6th February, 12.15 – 15.15 and for more information about study or work, please ‘like’ my Facebook page‎ or email me 44-7752831398

see you soon!

Germaine Broadbent – Careers Adviser & Managing Director