EC London – Longman Language Activator, John Amato and his students

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‘It’s really helpful for students, because it gives you synonyms and different ways to describe the same action or say the same thing so that you’ll be able to enlarge your range of vocabulary. And what I like the most about this book is that it describes in detail what does each word mean and tell you in which context you can use them. It’ s a very good book.’ Orvanda Ferreira

‘I wish I was as good as the Longman language activator so I could chat up the girls I always wanted with a descriptive language.” Adilson Pacheco

‘In our last class with our teacher John AMato while we were practicing our writing we have a met a new ”friend”. We called it ”Longman Lamguage Activator”. It is a book which helps everyone get a range of vocabulary. We appreciated John’s attitude and how hard he works for our improvement. Longman is a really useful book.’ by Judite da Silva

‘It’s better than a dictionary if you always use the same words, just check out that book and you will find a lot of synonyms. I recommend it!’ Lahrah Puvinathan