Where different nationalities come together!

Making friends from all over the world! This is one of the things that happens here in EC London… Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, Colombia, Panama and Korea all come together to celebrate culture in EC London! Find out more about EC London here!  

EC London students trip to Les Miserables musical!

Part of the experience of learning a language when living abroad is living the culture of the place you are. London is well known for its theatres and Shakespeare. Therefore one of the main activities in our social programme is to watch musicals! Last week our students went to Les Miserables and the … Read more

24 hours in Cardiff

  ‘We called ourselves ‘Happy Wales’. Us young people had plenty of energy and were eager to meet distinct places. Our first stop was Cardiff, which is a city well Known for keeping its history alive. While we were walking around, we saw the Cardiff Castle. So imagine our exci … Read more