24 hours in Cardiff

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‘We called ourselves ‘Happy Wales’. Us young people had plenty of energy and were eager to meet distinct places. Our first stop was Cardiff, which is a city well Known for keeping its history alive.

While we were walking around, we saw the Cardiff Castle. So imagine our excitement at being faced with such spectacular architecture. And the coolest part was the fact that we could experience what is like to live in a castle when we joined the tour.

Another advantage of being in the capital of the country, whose mascot is a dragon, was breathing the fresh air when we reached the bay. It was wonderful. However, the best part was when we made pigs of ourselves after hours without eating. I’m sure you’ll agree it was a great idea.

I think that none of us regret being there. And we are ready for the next stop: Edinburgh here we go! Would you like to join us?’

By Judite da Silva, EC London Ambassador


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