Sheila in Humans of EC PART II

  Sheila ‘What makes you happy?’ ‘Being close to my family and friends in CANADA ‘ === English courses with a variety of methods and business courses can be found at EC London.

Alex’s class in Humans of EC :)

Alex’ class ‘If you could be a millionaire for one day, what would you do?’ ‘Book a private jet and fly to Paris.’ ‘Buy EC-London.’   Alex has taught in both 30+ English Courses and adult schools. He is an exceptional teacher and students love him!

Tim’s class in Humans of EC

German guy in Tim’s class ‘What makes you happy?’ ‘Friends. Having good friends makes me happy.’   Tim ‘What makes a real gentleman?’ ‘Consideration and politeness.’   Brazilian guy in Tim’s class (Marcel) ‘What do you like most about l … Read more

Joelle and Mike in Humans of EC

Joelle ‘If you had only one day left to live what would you do?’ ‘Doing something cool like a massive helicopter-ride around London and the country, then parachute out and land on the Thames.’   Mike (sales) ‘What makes a real gentleman?’ ‘I’m still lea … Read more

Lilian in Humans of EC

Lilian ‘What makes you happy?’ ‘Being a teacher! When I come to work I don’t feel that I’m doing something boring.’ In EC London you can find lovely and competent teachers. 🙂

Humans of EC featuring Orvanda and Edvaldo from Angola

Orvanda and Edvaldo: ‘If you could be a millionaire for one day, how would you spend the money?’ ‘I’d give my family a great gift’. ‘I would donate half of the money to charities, so that I could help those disadvantaged people. As well as donating, I would give t … Read more

Humans of EC

Daphne ‘How do you feel having received such a huge bar of chocolate from your students?’ ‘Heaven! I’m in heaven!’ === Speak English as much as possible and get in contact with different teaching methods at EC London.