#ecexperience of Laura Garcia Diaz – Colombian singer from the group INDEX who is studying at EC London

Well, it is not so easy to speak about yourself! but generally, if someone ask me who I am, I would just say: “Hi! I’m Laura García, I’m from Colombia”, you know, the automatic answer, but turning that description into something a little bit more proper, I would add: I have a weakness for milk chocolate and a degree in Advertising (what I enjoy doing for a living), I have worked in research (what I love about what I do for a living), and I am a musician (what I would love doing for a living as well)! And I think that’s actually an accurate abstract of who I am but more than that, who I have been and who am I planning to be 🙂

So yes, a musician and not really by my own decision, but for this particular decision I will be grateful with my parents for life as they took me to my first music “lessons” (musical familiarization) when I was only 8 months! since then I never stopped, and now, 21 years later, I am a professional singer, once upon a time I was an excellent pianist and I have an electro-pop band in Colombia named INDEX! (further information: www.facebook.com/indexband

Even when I spent almost 10 years learning english in my country, I decided to come to London to improve it, I’m looking forward to do my MA here in the UK and universities ask for a high score which is not so easy to reach if you are not on an english environment, and then I met EC! 

My time at EC London has been invaluable, experienced teachers, really helpful staff and fascinating friends from all over the world but the most impressive fact is I have definitely improved my english in a 100%, so honestly: Thanks EC for being such an enormous step in my way to achieve my goals!

And finally that’s me! Just keeping dreaming 😉

Laura Garcia cantar1