#ecexperience by Carlos Eduardo from Brazil

My first expectations for EC London were of practicing my English while I had an enjoyable stay in London.

However, I ended up having a great experience where I had lovely teachers who helped me improve my vocabulary and other English skills as well as I had very diverse classmates which enabled me to learn about new cultures and make new friends which I hope to keep contact and meet them again in a near future. I would highly recommend EC London as I don’t have much to complain about it and because it is a great opportunity for improving your English skills with joy and new friends.

There are also lots of extra activities which unfortunately I have not take part but I really wished to especially football on Thursdays, as I am Brazilian. To conclude, this time I have spent in EC London will be remembered forever and I am going home with loads of good stories to tell my friends and families back in Rio de Janeiro.

Yours Sincerely,
Carlos Eduardo Q. Galvão Mari



Carlos took the Upper Intermediate 1DB English Course at EC London