Poem: ‘Smile in Red’ by Shouchin, Upper Intermediate English student




I took the Northern Line to go home.

Millions of people went and came.

Dazzling maked me dizzy.

The goal for people will never done.


〝This is London Euston…〞the broadcast hasten me off the train.

Like a soldier well trained.


Suddenly I saw you─with red-tidy hair, standing besides the door of train,

tranquil and elegant.

Watching me through your pure-clean blue eyes.

I fell into your beautiful eyes overwhelmingly.

As serenity as lake in early morning.

How shocked I was whilst feeling peaceful at the same time.

Feeling strong to you I didn’t know why.


I went out but turned back to see you again,

A sea of people’s backs flooded all of the doorway.

And you─still standing besides the door elegantly,

raising your meticulous red lip─

giving me a smile warmly.


Millions of people passed by and years went by,

Only we gazed at each other under sky.

A second we were gazing like the genial wind blooming a whole spring.


Ten millions strange faces came and went,

Only your looks shined in my heart.


We are so busy─busy to chase, busy to be flooded

busy to neglect, busy to forget that we are just alone.


Thousands of countries are together in the tube,

Hundred of millions of miles on the same road.

But where would you go? Burnt Oak or High Barnet? I didn’t know.

I missed the train and I am missing you.

The distance between us is broad.


Yet I never forget the moment we gazed─

your pure-clean blue eyes.


And your smile in red.


smile in red-picture2 (1)smile in red-picture1


Shouchin wrote the poem and drew the pictures. Maybe you could do something beautiful like this as well! Email your story, poem, pictures to liliandelgaudio@eclondon.net  🙂


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