University and career advice sessions

Hi all,

I run a university and career advice session every two weeks on Thursday (3-5pm). If you’d like to go to university in the UK or need help applying for jobs or internships, come and ask me! Here are some examples of what I did last week. Last week I helped some EC students with choosing the right university for the subject they were interested in. Another student wanted to know about IELTS requirements for a course, and if her degree in her country would help her start a Master’s in this country. I gave the university a call and we got the answers! I also helped some students with writing letters of motivation for British universities, both in terms of the language and the ideas. I went through one student’s CV with her to help make it as professional as possible. One student wanted to study the last six months of her degree in London, and we had a first look at some ways to make that happen.

If you’d like to see me, you don’t need an appointment – just come to the student lounge when I’m there! I’ll do my best to help you, and you can come as often as you like

Happy learning!

Steve S

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