New Year’s resolution at EC English school in London

Now that 2015 has finally arrived, we were curious about what our students and staff at EC English school in London have planned as their New Year’s resolutions. We interviewed some of them to find out in depth how they will deal with an exciting new year.


What are your New Year resolutions for 2015?

“I want to improve myself professionally. I’m planning to do a CPE course as well as a Portuguese one.”
– Carla, Accommodation Assistant

“In 2015 I would like to travel more, finally finish my Master thesis and learn how to cook something else other than pasta or scrambled eggs.”
– Anja, Student Services Assistant

“I don’t have any, just hopefully survive it.”
– Tatjana, Student Services Intern

“Be a legend for another beautiful year.”
– John, Student Services Intern

EC Staff
EC Staff

What were your best highlights in 2014?

“I made sure I was feeling happy.”
– Carla, Accommodation Assistant

“Watching men’s final in Wimbledon and that I passed my CAE!”
-Anja, Student Services Assistant

“My best highlight last year was when I moved to London. I also met three wonderful people here at EC. I want to say hi to Jim, Kwi and Carolline.”
– Tatjana, Student Services Intern

“I turned 18. Since that day life has begun for real, without hesitation.”
-John, Student Services Intern

Rich, Centre Director of EC London

Richard Quarterman, Centre Director
Richard Quarterman, Centre Director

What are your New Year resolutions for 2015?

“Firstly, I want to be nice in traffic. Secondly, I should not take the tube. For me, it is too expensive. I’d rather take a walk and get some exercise.”

What were your best highlight in 2014?
“When Germany won against Brazil with 7-1 in the semi-final in the World Cup. Also when I climbed the three peaks in Great Britain. In 24 hours, we summited the highest mountains of Scotland, Wales and England. We later on raised thousands of pounds to charity.


What are your New Year resolutions for 2015?

“My main resolution is to be fit, like most people. I also want to master intermediate Italian. Improving my language skills is also something I want to aim for.”
– Steve


“To be healthier. Eat healthier and stay healthy.”
– Mick

“To be more proactive and not to waste time anymore”

“I don’t have any.”


How are you going to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions?

“I have got myself a personal trainer, because I have no willpower. I have also downloaded an app that helps me keeping my health on top. Regarding my Italian improvement, I have rented a James Bond book in Italian. My goal is to read at least two pages per day.

“I will start using my gym membership. Also to take the children out even if it’s raining. I don’t want the weather to rule your life.”


What were your highlights in 2014?


“When Joffrey Jumper finally dies.”
– Steve

“My favourite football team Southampton finished top 4 in the Premier League at Christmas. That was a memorable moment.”
– Mick

“Buying a flat and working on a film”


“Buying an orange tree”


Ian & Mariana, both of them are following a General English Course.

What are your New Year resolutions for 2015?
“You know, I am quite shy. That’s why I want to improve my social part of my personality.”
– Ian

“My plan is to take French courses when coming back to my home country, Brazil.”

Mariana and Ian

What were your best highlight in 2014?

“When I bought tickets to London and booked courses here at EC London.”
– Ian, with a big smile on his face

“It was when I came to London. I am also happy about that I set my “fake” friends off and start being with my real friends.”
– Mariana

Rosario, Intensive English Course

What are your New Year resolutions for 2015?

“To keep working hard with my job. I work as an experimental for plumb protection. I am really proud of my job and I am very happy.”


What were your best highlights in 2014?
“When new facilities were built in my city. Therefore, I met new and amazing colleagues.”

We would like to know what are your New Year’s resolutions, if you are good at keeping them throughout the year and what were the highlights in 2014 in your life? Please leave a comment below.