Red Nose Day: what students of EC London did to contribute to raise money!

People studying ESOL in London certainly know that on March 13th EC London celebrated Red Nose Day. During this day, both students in our school and people all over the world were encouraged to donate money. In support of this event,  there was a fantastic night of TV on the BBC, with comedy and entertainment, whose aim was to inspire the country to give generously. All money raised has been donated to the British charity organisation Comic Relief. With people’s financial help, Comic Relief helps whoever is passing through a tough period by funding thousands of projects across the UK and Africa.

It can be easily said that Red Nose Day has become something of a British institution, as only in the United Kingdom £78,082,988 has been raised so far! Faced to this important event, EC London and its students contributed as well, raising a sum of £307.91! Let’s find out what one of our teacher said about what happened in our school during this important day!


Red Nose Day, ESOL in London
Red Nose Day


“Students and staff of EC London organised a beautiful event on Red Nose Day. The event was organised to raise money for Comic Relief Foundation and to bring people together at EC!”

“Students and staff baked cakes, pies and cookies and typical food from their countries. There were delicious food for all tastes!”

Red Nose Day picture
EC students


“They also wore red clothes and accessories as well as played games in the student lounge.”

“It was a wonderful day full of good food, good company and for a good cause!”