British English vs. American English (part 2)

Dates, numbers, weights, money and spelling in British English and American English…what a confusion! Let’s be honest, when you are in your country, counting and measuring is usually a simple activity that you do on a daily basis, however, abroad it can often be complicated. This is easily confirmed … Read more

British English vs. American English

“England and America are two countries separated by a common language.” — George Bernard Shaw   Our students of ESOL in London well know that learning English is not always easy, especially when it presents many distinctions between the vocabulary used in the UK and US. Not on … Read more

Easter Holiday: “We wish you a happy Easter!”

On Sunday 5th April, many of our students of ESOL in London are going to celebrate Easter, one of the most important holidays of the Christian calendar. Why do we celebrate it? Some people, especially those who are not Christians, may not be aware of the fact that Easter day is a holiday celebrating … Read more