Easter Holiday: “We wish you a happy Easter!”

On Sunday 5th April, many of our students of ESOL in London are going to celebrate Easter, one of the most important holidays of the Christian calendar. Why do we celebrate it? Some people, especially those who are not Christians, may not be aware of the fact that Easter day is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. According to the New Testament, this extraordinary event occurred three days after Jesus’s crucifixion by Romans between the years 30 and 33 AD. Not only do people celebrate Sunday by spending time with their loved ones, but the previous Friday – Good Friday – is also of great importance, as it commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary, a site immediately outside Jerusalem’s walls. In a nutshell, the New Testament says that Jesus Christ was arrested, tried and sentenced by Pontius Pilate because people believed that this extraordinary man was the Son of God as well as the Messiah.

Although the school is going to be closed from Friday 3th until Monday 6th April because of public holiday, there are plenty of activities that you can profit from. If you are not planning to go back to your country during these four days in order to celebrate with your family or friends, you may consider one of the many interesting trips that we, in conjunction with Anderson Tours, organise. Isle of Wight, Oxford & Stratford and Stonehenge are only but few examples of what you could visit on a Saturday trip. Less known but definitely worth a visit is the Belgian town of Brugge (or Bruges), which is described as the “Venice of the North” and that you can visit on Sunday 5th April. Monday is also very exciting as Anderson Tours organises a whole-day tour to Cadbury Chocolate Factory, which has inspired the famous film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

However, if you don’t feel like going on an adventure, but you would still keep practicing your speaking skills, you might join our conversation group on Sunday afternoon at EC Covent Garden, where you will have the chance to meet new people from all over the world! There won’t be any chance to get bored during this long weekend!

EC London and its staff wish you a very Happy Easter and we are all looking forward to meeting you again next Tuesday!