Camilla, our new Academic Intern: “I’m working as an Academic intern in EC London, where I will stay for three months”

Camilla from Italy is our new Academic Intern. We would like to welcome her in our team and wish her a very pleasant stay with us! Many students of ESOL in London have already met her. Let’s find out a little bit more about Camilla!


Camilla, ESOL in London
Camilla, our new Academic Intern


Name: Camilla

Age: 26 years old

Nationality: Italian

Mother tongue: Italian

Studies: “Master degree in Neuroscience. In a nutshell, neuroscience studies the biology of the brain. I decided to study this field because I’ve always been fascinated by the way genes can characterize the creation of neurons, which are the building blocks of our minds.”

Future plans: “In September I’m going to start working in the neuroscience institute of Alicante. I’m really excited by this new experience because it’s what I studied for.”

Job: “I’ve just finished working in my university’s laboratory, where I also wrote my thesis. Right now, I’m working as an academic intern in EC London, where I’m going to stay for three months. The main aim of this internship is to improve my English fluency because knowing this language will be very useful for my future career. English is indeed considered the language of science!”

Favourite movie: “GATTACA! It is a story about a future where you can modify the genes of your children. This means that people can choose the characteristics they prefer for their future generations. The film discusses the ethical consequences of human genetic selection. For instance, the main character of this film carries one gene that can cause heart disease. Because of his predisposition, he is not hired anywhere because considered not perfect. In fact, employers don’t want to take the risk to give a job to someone who can die soon because this would mean losing money and wasting time.“

Favourite food: “I like  curry chicken very much. Not only I love eating it, but I also enjoy cooking it! I’m really glad to be in London because there are many Indian spices’ shops where I can buy and mix different flavours.”


“As any good Italian girl, I like to cook! I would consider myself a good cook and I especially love to make cakes. If I had to pick my favourite cake I would probably say that I particularly like baking raspberry and cinnamon cake. When having dinner together with my friends, I’m always the one who brings the dessert because everyone loves sweet food, so they are always extremely happy when I bake something!”

“I like cycling. In Milan I never take the underground to move around because it’s always crowded and too noisy. Therefore, even though it takes longer to commute, I still prefer to cycle while listen to music. It’s very relaxing and fun.”

“I also play the clarinet. I started playing this instrument when I was a child. In the beginning I only played classic music at school, but when I grew up and was I teenager I discover jazz music, which I enjoy more. I used to have a band but we didn’t become famous!”