Tota, Intensive English: “I want to come back and visit another EC centre.”

Tota from Japan is one of our student of ESOL in London. He started studying Intensive English in EC at the beginning of April and he is going to stay with us until December. He would like to share his experience in London and in our school with us!

Tota, ESOL in London

“I have been at EC London for a month. I would recommend this school because there’re many classes, so I can choose morning class or afternoon class and fit my English level.”

“I like the landscape of London and many parks. I can quickly go to many beautiful parks. There’re many students who are eager to study English, so it’s easy to keep my motivation. I especially improved  my speaking skills, we need to speak English in the class.”

“My favourite pastime is strolling along the park. I like reading books in the parks. On a Sunday afternoon, I often go to the pub with my friends to watch a football match.
I want to come back and visit another EC centre.”